What We Do.

Dedicated Software and Mobile Application Development.

When technology works with us, we’re eager to proclaim it as the best thing in the world. However, when it acts as our barrier from reaching progress, we often become frustrated and paralyzed by the fear of being stuck. At <bitcore>, our goal is to help you solve your greatest development issues. Whether you’re trying to establish technological infrastructure components for your business or want introduce your startup to the world - we’ll evaluate, plan, and act on a system that will burst through any roadblock. Our team is comprised of experienced software developers, designers, and entrepreneurs that are focused on creating technology and new ways of doing business. We're here to assist!

Software Development.

The question “what do you specialize in” is not something we enjoy being asked. Why? At bitcore, we strive to burst past the walls of limitation and instead opt to spread our custom software expertise across multiple platforms and languages. From solving some of the most unique challenges, to inheriting broken projects from other digital agencies, we’re out to accomplish the improbable. And when we’re bringing fresh software solutions to the table, we prefer not to set arbitrary boundaries. So, what do we specialize in? We specialize
in everything.

Mobile Development.

With mobile traffic at an all-time high and rising, we’re seeing more clients wanting to integrate their systems into mobile platforms. We understand the need for creating “an app for that” and will assist in making sure you get there. Translating your vision into mobile application reality is our strong suit. From supporting your first 1,000 users to expanding your mobile user base to 100,000+, we have you covered.


Who, What, When, Where, Why. Every entrepreneur is faced with these types of questions and so much more. And often times, when startups have too many choices, they choose none at all. With bitcore’s guidance, you’ll be able to cut out the noise and focus in on what really matters when launching your startup. For the first time founders, we’ll provide a workflow program for you to follow. For seasoned entrepreneurs, we’ll collaborate to build out all of the functions you need: payment processing, logistics, operations, virtual and physical infrastructure scaling, and scalable
data solutions.

Project Recovery.

The nightmare has finally come to life. Your project is spiraling out of budget control, you mentally feel like you’re miles away from your offshore development team, and progress has come to a complete stop.

For the moments where your software projects take a turn for the worse, we’re here to help you refocus and re-energize ideas that are on life support. Success doesn’t have to be a far distant thought. We’ll help eliminate the unbearable stress that separates you from your target.

Website Development.

Making a statement has never been more difficult in a crowded and noisy web landscape than it is today. Your website should act a core piece to your business and the last thing you want to do is scare customers away with a poorly designed and non-functioning web presence.

From tailor-made e-commerce stores, integrating content management systems, all the way to creating a highly responsive site for your users, we’ll guarantee that your website will be the last thing you worry about as you run your business. Be bold. Be daring. Be functional.

Who Are We.

<bitcore> is an experienced team of software developers, product managers and marketers, and entrepreneurs focused on creating new technology and new ways of doing business. Time and Cost are variables, Quality is our constant.

Erik Ross


Erik Ross has been pushing technology for over 20 years. Building startups from crazy ideas, dreaming up business altering processes, and combating group-think in mega-corporations are all in a days work. His main goal is to prove daily: "With the right people and the right mindset there's nothing that can't be accomplished."

David Walter

CTO/Software Engineer

Dave Walter loves technology and has been programming most of his life. He's spent 20 years designing and building applications and systems that drive some of the world's largest companies. When he's not coaching up co-workers and clients alike, he's busy coaching his daughters' softball team.

Jeff Rix

Software Engineer

Jeff Rix has over 20 years experience creating, managing and marketing Internet based companies. He has two bachelor's degrees in business administration and computer science. He currently runs the <bitcore> Austin, TX division, programs for <bitcore> and manages an angel investment firm.

Join the Team.

We're always on the lookout for talented, creative people to join our team. If you find yourself living in the greater Pittsburgh area and consider yourself to be a software engineer or UI/UX designer, then we'd love to talk to you!

Wait! What if I'm not a developer or designer?

Do not worry! We know that awesome comes in more than two forms. Therefore, if you feel like you would be a great fit, we encourage you to email us at hello@bitcore.com. In your email, please include your name, a little about yourself, and how you see yourself fitting in!

Our Latest Works.

We are proud to work with a number of companies, both great and small. Below, you’ll find a small selection of some of the companies and brands we’ve collaborated with:

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